The Shipwright V2 documentation

Welcome to the Shipwright

Automatically create sci fi objects with The Shipwright: a Blender add-on that combines the Shape Generator and the Plating Generator add-ons into one customisable set up.


  • Create a wide range of objects just from a single number.

  • Save set ups you like with the Presets feature.

  • Dynamically change parameters and the objects will automatically update.

  • Edit the objects using Blender’s existing toolset.

  • Customize the materials to suit your needs.

  • Customize the shape with an editable lattice cage created around the object.

  • All driven from one Panel based interface.

  • Combine objects you already have with the new Levels System - not just generated ones.

  • Export your object as a joined up Mesh with Smoothing and Baking options.

  • Render out multiple variations with an ‘Iterator’ mode (inspired by Chipp’s idea for KIT OPS SYNTH)

  • New Simpler installation - now no need for animation nodes.

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